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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  July 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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punches her several times with a closed fist. >> reporter: authorities say when the male worker tried to defend his colleague, he was knocked down and struck with a flashlight, then repeatedly kicked and punched. >> the dyfs worker was like sir, please sir, please. >> reporter: according to investigators the workers from the former dyfs went to the home of plater's estranged wife to check on the couple's young children and decided to take custody of the kids based on the conditions they found there. that's when police say the attack unfolded. >> it is disturbing. it's a shame. >> reporter: he lives elsewhere but was at the complex when workers showed up. he was arrested at the scene. the employees suffered cuts bruises and scrapes and were treated at a local hospital. they are members of cwa local 1038. >> they are going into environments that are dangerous and don't have the protection they need. >> reporter: although the bail was initially set at $25,000, a
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judge released him on his own recognizance the next day citing in part that he has no prior criminal record. >> i'm concerned for the state workers also. i know they are both shook up about the whole incident and the individual's on the street again. >> any other person would be in jail. >> reporter: the state agency will fully cooperate with authorities and will also conduct its own review of the incident and its procedures. we tried to track down alexis plater but he no longer lives at the address listed on the police report and his phone has been disconnected. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. to our weather now. what a way to end the work week. >> that's right. another gorgeous day across the area. if you haven't been outside yet, what are you waiting for? live look at philadelphia's boathouse row where conditions are still comfortable. >> but that comfort about to come to an end. there's a chance of a heat wave even on the way.
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>> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the nbc 10 first alert forecast. glenn? >> the temperature's going up and the humidity is going up. that combination is really going to make it feel like quite a change. here we are in camel beach in the pocono mountains. lot of folks in the pool and conditions comfortable there. that will be a good place to escape the heat over the weekend. we have a couple little showers in central pennsylvania. you can see, not very impressive. but the temperature's in the upper 70s to low 80s, nice and comfortable for this time of year. the average high is 87. we are nowhere near that today despite a fair amount of sunshine. as we go through the night, there could be a couple showers, especially after midnight and toward the morning tomorrow. you can see much of the area not getting rain but there is a chance there could be a heavy shower in a couple places. that's the way to start the weekend. not going to stay like this.
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it's going to get even hotter. we will see how hot it will go and when storms are expected in a few minutes. why would you allow him to get away like that then he's back in the neighborhood? >> a mother outraged. her anger is aimed at this man and the local judge who set bail for the man accused of trying to abduct her daughter. that delaware county mom says the suspect shouldn't have been on the street because he allegedly tried to do the same thing to another child just last week. now she's telling her story only to nbc 10's drew smith. drew? >> reporter: over the course of the week a 10-year-old and 13-year-old girl are both telling the same story about what happened here in this neighborhood. they say a man in a white van with graffiti all over it tried to pick them up. isaac dougba shook his head when we asked about his second arrest on child luring charges in seven
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days. why go back to that street? police say dougba drove the van up and down the street in a stalking pattern. in a case like thursday involving a 13-year-old, and then last night investigators say he tried to lure sharon chambers' 10-year-old daughter. she ran away. do you feel fortunate that she was able to come home? >> yes, definitely. my kids are always with me. to lose one, i would probably lose my mind. >> reporter: he was back on the street because he made bail. >> this is endangering children right now. >> reporter: darby's police chief showed us what happened. the recommended bail amount was scratched out and reduced. >> he should not have been on the streets. we did our job. the bail office did their job. the judge didn't do his job. >> reporter: that judge would not answer our questions. when dougba headed back into court today, the judge set bail at $250,000. meanwhile, dougba's family came out to defend him. >> that's not who he is. he's a family man, not a kidnapper. >> reporter: chambers doesn't
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buy it. she says this really scared her daughter. >> she doesn't want to be alone. she couldn't sleep all last night at all. and it's going to take some time. >> reporter: the police chief tells me this sort of thing has happened before with this judge granting low bail. they have spoken to the district attorney about it. drew smith, nbc 10 news. new at 6:00 a former music teacher is headed to prison after pleading guilty in a chester county courtroom to molestation. a judge sentenced him to three to seven years in prison following today's plea in court. he worked at the malvern school of music. prosecutors say he molested six students while teaching there. he was arrested last summer. been learning new information about the terror in tennessee but the one question that remains tonight is why. we are also learning the names of all four marines killed in that rampage yesterday. staff sergeant david wyatt originally from arkansas leaves behind a wife and two children.
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skip wells, 21 years old, a student at georgia southern university. gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan from massachusetts survived two tours of duty in iraq earning a purple heart. and sergeant carson holmqvist from wisconsin. fbi technicians are still processing the crime scenes today. the fbi said so far, no indication mohammad youssuf abdulazeez was inspired by or directed by isis or other groups but yesterday he sprayed dozens of bullets at a military recruiting center, then drove to a navy marine training center smashed into the gate with his car and again opened fire. we have also learned more about abdulazeez today. an ohio company says he failed a background check in may of 2013. he worked ten days as an engineer in a nuclear plant before the background check came back. in yesterday's attack he used two long guns and a hand gun. he was wearing a vest designed to hold extra ammo but was not on the fbi's radar.
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"nbc nightly news" with lester holt will have much more on the shootings in chattanooga at 6:30 after this newscast. graffiti inside an airport bathroom caused a real scare at philadelphia international airport. sky force 10 was over the airport as authorities investigated a bomb threat on this plane. american airlines flight 762 was headed for san francisco. the tsa says someone found threatening graffiti in the bathroom inside the terminal. police found nothing suspicious on the plane. passengers were rescreened. the plane took off for california after about a 90 minute delay. new information tonight on the murder of a recent drexel university graduate. today, philadelphia police confirm she was strangled inside her home and tonight her parents are getting an update on the case as they talk to detectives. a worker found jasmine wright's body inside her west philadelphia apartment yesterday. police right now are tracking down several leads. this morning police towed her car from the scene to search for dna and other evidence. meanwhile, her neighbors are stunned.
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>> there is no words that can even say how much that hurts, you know. it's devastating. a young girl her whole life ahead of her. i'm devastated for them. >> investigators say there was no sign of forced entry at the crime scene and the home was not ransacked. two south jersey fathers have been charged tonight after police say they got into a brawl at a youth softball tournament. >> it was all caught on camera. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> police say michael barbella of ventnor and michael john duffy of mays landing got into this scuffle in maryland. according to court documents, barbella drove three hours to maryland wednesday to confront duffy over his daughter being removed from the south jersey maniacs traveling softball team. both men were charged with assault and disorderly conduct. tonight, both suspects are out of jail. they asked for help and are getting it. bucks county authorities say levittown residents called in a
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report of a suspicious person last night. they have asked people to be vigilant after more than 60 break-ins in the area. most of those crimes are happening while people are at work or sleeping. police were able to find the person neighbors called about last night but they don't believe he's responsible for any of the break-ins. they did arrest him on drug charges and a probation violation. more potential trouble for the trump taj mahal in atlantic city that 1,000 bartenders and housekeepers could go out on strike. their union contract expired nearly a year ago. the new casino owner is threatening to close the casino if the court forces it to restore pensions and health care. we call the union to see if they decided to strike yet. so far they haven't made a decision. heads up if you are a septa rider who uses the broad street line. starting today, platform closures will change the way passengers enter and exit the city hall station. riders who need transfers will pick them up at a different location. septa officials say signs will be posted to direct everyone.
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the closures only on weekends will continue through mid-august white platforms get a new coating. the pope will visit philadelphia in just 70 days now and the floor could be a popular sleeping option for the faithful come september. space is being made available in all kinds of places for those willing to use sleeping bags or yoga mats. a pittsburgh tour company is working with four western pennsylvania dioceses to secure space in churches and museums for more than 1,000 young people. the company says young people are willing to rough it in order to see the pope. another option for lodging is of course renting rooms in local homes. a lot of people in our area are already doing just that. for more information on how you can as well, check the nbc 10 news app. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," penn state's president proposing a new budget but what does that mean for the cost of higher education at the popular state school? the answer is coming up.
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a warning for the weekend. if you plan on heading out, police want you to be looking out for these women. why authorities are putting out an alert tonight. it was nice while it lasted but now we are in for a weekend heat wave and also some showers. i'm tracking the timing of it all and just how hot it will get next in my first alert forecast.
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here's something most college students don't hear about very often. no rate hike. this afternoon, penn state announced there will be -- not be rather a tuition increase for the penn state's university undergrads for the upcoming school year. this is the first time in nearly 50 years. the proposal was approved today at the university's board of trustees meeting. penn state has a number of campuses including abington berks, brandywine and the lehigh valley. all those places had real nice comfortable weather the last couple days. all those places are going to get hot and humid over the next couple days. got a heat wave on the way for most parts of the area.
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some showers coming in on saturday but nowhere close to a washout and some relief from the heat and humidity at the shore and the poconos. we are starting to see more clouds in the western sky. lot different than a couple hours ago. that's a sign of things to come. 82 degrees, winds south-southwest at nine the humidity still pretty low for this time of year. the temperature's going to go up. only 83 for the high today. 91 tomorrow. 96 on sunday. with the higher humidity it's going to feel like it's over 100 sunday and probably monday as well. right now it's 82 in philadelphia but upper 70s to low 80s elsewhere. the ocean temperature, 73 degrees which is still pretty warm for this time of year. it's even hotter out to the west and southwest. temperatures well into the 90s. as our winds shift and start coming from the southwest, we will get some of that heat.
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that's how the 90s get if here. it's all about the wind direction. you can see the clouds advancing. looks kind of threatening but the radar not so much. you can just see a couple little showers there now. computer models showing that this increases a little as we head overnight tonight after midnight toward tomorrow morning. so there could be a couple showers around. the ground could be wet. you might think here's a washout day. not going to be a washout. you can see much of the day is dry, much of the area is dry but with the heat and humidity of the day, there should be at least some showers or even thunderstorms developing. they are fairly small as you can see and most areas not getting it. places that don't get it get into the 90s. if it comes in a little earlier it may not get there. 7:00 down to 79. after a shower hits. in this particular computer model there will be more coming
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up, i will have an update at 11:00 tonight. as we go into tomorrow morning, we see the temperature's really going up. sunday morning look at that. by 9:00 a.m. 86 degrees. this particular model is taking us close to 100. but we are hoping it's a little bit too high and you can see the effect of the south wind at the shore. temperatures into the 80s. so that's the forecast. sunday 96 in the city 86 at the shore but even cooler on saturday because of that ocean wind, that south wind 10 to 20. best chance of showers and storms on saturday in the poconos and just warm and humid on sunday without any storms. tonight, more humid with scattered showers generally after midnight. 71 degrees for the low. tomorrow a hotter more humid day. you should notice both. chance of a couple showers, some in the morning and another round in the afternoon. we're not expecting showers sunday just heat humidity and
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feeling like about 103 at least in philadelphia. monday, the best chance of showers and storms, 95 degrees. then hot but not as humid starting tuesday. robbed by pickpockets. police say it's happened to more than 20 people in our area in the past few months. >> with the weekend arriving they are warning people to be on alert. the incidents happened at various locations throughout upper merion township in montgomery county. that's where nbc 10's deanna durante is tonight. >> what are police saying about this? >> reporter: they are saying they are brazen they don't mind going and stealing your stuff right in front of a lot of other witnesses and they go quickly and don't have a problem spending your money. upper merion is not the only township where this is happening. y these are the faces police are looking to identify. since january they say these people have targeted unsuspecting victims in department grocery stores and local restaurants.
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>> they are in a shopping cart or maybe baby stroller while they're shopping usually it's teams of two. they will come in one will distract the person the other person will reach into the bag. >> reporter: 21 victims in upper merion since the start of the year. 11 of those since june. in one attempt last night in a grocery store, they try their luck on a female shopper. >> female distracts a shopper. strangely enough with conversation about making meatloaf. >> reporter: sensing something was up the woman thwarts the attempt. the police want you to keep purses closed and waltzlets out of view. the ring is huge police say, and they aren't sure if this group is working together or just have the same criminal ideas. once they get the credit cards they move quick and run up big bills, buying anything from gift wards cards to electronics to jewelry. >> the photos we are putting out we believe are local because they are turning up time and time again. we kind of think they are
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staying in this area. >> reporter: police think that those pictures are good enough that someone out there knows who they are. not only have the crimes happened here but in tredyffrin township upper providence township and spots in the lehigh valley. if you know who these people are, call police. deanna durante. nbc 10 news. i'm john clark. when will we see the phillies top pitching prospect? we will tell you about his debut and could emmitt smith ever become an eagle like demarco murray?
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i'm john clark from comcast sports net.
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at citizens bank park. the phillies top pitching prospect will make his major league debut for the phils. he was the phillies' first pick in last year's draft taken seventh overall, the first phils pitcher in 26 years to make his debut the year after being drafted. he hopefully will be one of the top starters in the phillies future rotation. >> everybody's looking forward to seeing him. he could be a real boost to our rotation. i'm expecting him to pitch well. that's always good to see somebody injected into the team that's scuffling along. he could give us a big boost if he pitches well. >> can't wait to see him. sixers' gm today says joel embiid and the team should decide within a few days when he will have surgery on his foot. sixers summer league finale okafor getting the day off against the rockets. sixers led by sampson. 24 points for him. sixers win, beating the rockets 100-96. flyers gm ron hextall is
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building the team with young defensemen. he wants to bring them up slowly. jeremy roenick agrees with the approach. >> you have to make sure that they feel good about themselves. you have to stay patient with them. if you do and they grow the right way, they will respond for you. when they respond for you they will grow into good players. it's very important to stay patient with them, not push them too much because they have the opportunity of crushing and not becoming the players they should because the pressure gets too deep. >> we also caught up with hall of fame cowboys running back emmitt smith at the celebrity golf tournament in nevada this weekend. which you can see on nbc 10. i asked emmitt if he could ever imagine doing what demarco murray did going from the cowboys to the eagles. >> no. no. i couldn't imagine being in that position at all. but i would like to think that philadelphia, although as much as they hate the dallas cowboys, love to get quality football players on their football team
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and demarco murray happens to be one of those guys. kudos to philadelphia for upgrading and bringing quality to your organization. >> who is skydiving over niagara falls today? that is rex ryan jumping from more than 12,000 feet up with the u.s. army's golden knight parachute team. that is a head coach i would pay to see chip kelly or andy reid do that. i'm sure you would, too. >> papers weren't too kind about the landing there. at least one of them. >> yeah. it would be even worse here in philly. >> i'm sure it would. >> we'll be right back.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. we got up to 83 today but it's really going to heat up tomorrow up near 90 with higher humidity and then sunday the hottest of all, 96, feeling like 103. get ready for some sort of indoor activities or in the water sunday. >> water sounds good.
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for all of us, thanks for watching. tonight, terror motive. the mystery over the man who murdered four marines. new questions about his travel to the middle east his writings online and how he got his weapons as a nation mourns his victims. run for cover. a massive tornado bearing down on a small town. part of a violent outbreak in the midwest. tonight dozens of homes damaged. some smashed to splinters. damage control. the head of planned parenthood apologizing for a top staffer caught discussing a practice many find abhorrent. on an undercover tape the organization calls heavily edited. social media anxiety. what the pressure for likes and the fear of missing out is doing to our kids who live so much of their lives online


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